Lamer News 0.10.0

<script>alert('he');</script> 1729 days ago.
I registered a account with 


I get a alert message whenever page loads .

<script>alert('he');</script> 1729 days ago. link 1 points
Hello Antirez, 
With this user name i get a alert box whenever i visit a page in Lamer News. 
No matter which page it is. I find issue in displaying the username near logout. 
Javascript code is not escaped here 

Thank You
antirez 1729 days ago. link 1 points
@seppo0010: Thanks for the fix.

About the bug: Thanks for reporting, additional info: this XSS is not exploitable since the non escape username is only shown to the user that created the malicious username.

EDIT: however I never audited the code for XSS bugs, so it is possible that there are more.